Sewer Rehabilitation Services

Innovative and cost-effective sewer rehabilitation services for residential, municipalities, construction, and engineering companies. Each of the trucks in our fleet are fully equipped with the most current and state of the art sewer rehabilitation equipment.

All of our technicians are highly trained in the following areas:

Learn about Hydrovac Excavation

ST Hydro Excavation is a unionized company affiliated with LIUNA Local 183/625 and has over 15 years in Hydrovac experience in various fields such as Construction Excavation, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Nuclear, and Transportation of Dangerous goods.

ST Hydro Excavation’s success comes from the dedication of our skilled and experienced staff, industry leaders and innovators, experts in hydro excavation and technology. No Job is too small or too big for ST Hydro Excavation. The mixture of knowledge and expertise means that we have proven solutions for all of your project requirements.

We know how to dig faster, we can dig deeper and we are more efficient in our methods of excavating. ST Hydrovac takes great pride in all of our work and doing the job right the 1st time.

ST Hydro Excavation’s customer commitment is about building long term working relationships one client at a time.

  • Extensive safety training and orientation for all employees
  • Orange Badge certified Operators for Nuclear work
  • Refresher courses for employee’s for up-to-date safety knowledge and industry revisions.
  • Health and Safety advisor in the field ensuring safe practices are adhered to, and safety protocols are maintained at all times on-site.
  • Registered with ISNetworld®, a safety qualification program used by many organizations to verify safety records.
  • MOE certified (Catch basins, Sanitary, light fuels and Car washes etc)
  • TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods certified (Emergency Spills) L-Class liquids

Hydrovac Excavation? How it works:

Hydrovac Excavation (or Vacuum excavation) is a process where pressurized water or air, is used to loosen and break up the soil or other material. Once the material is loosened, the vacuum and airflow, removes material from the excavation and stores it in a debris tank. The material is contained in the debris tank where it can then be transported offsite for disposal once the work is complete. Because vacuum excavation is non-mechanical, the potential to damage an underground utility such as gas lines, fiber optics, or electrical lines is significantly reduced.


  • Safer than conventional methods avoiding costly delays related to damaged underground infrastructure.
  • Burner/Boiler allows us to utilize hot water for excavation in frost and frozen ground down to -37°C.
  • Effective with dry soil, wet soil, clay, gravel, crushed rock, sand and any other earth materials that conventional digging methods are used for regardless of weight or density.
  • We can excavate from distances up to 900ft away from the truck unit when there are truck access issues, during those tough muddy seasons or even to prevent any damages to your property.

Learn about Inspection

CCTV Inspection Services

Sewer Technologies Inc. offers various no-dig methods for analyzing the physical condition of sewer lines. Pipe defects can be identified in all sizes of storm and sanitary pipes from 50mm to 3000mm.

Our fleet of trucks are equipped with the industry’s most state of the art equipment.   Each of our inspection vehicles has digital data-capture systems using Win-Can®, which is the market’s most innovative data collection and data analytics software.

Our CCTV Inspection systems and operators are the most efficient in the industry today. All operators are certified in NASSCO’s Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP). CCTV Inspections are completed in accordance to OPSS (Ontario Provincial Standard Specification) 409 Construction Specification for Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection of Pipelines.


Learn about Cleaning and Flushing

Cleaning and Flushing

cleaning-and-flushing-trucksWith our advanced, state of the art Cleaning and Flushing trucks, Sewer Technologies is able to provide high pressure cleaning and vacuuming of wastewater collection systems, storm water drainage systems, lift stations, manholes, catch basins, etc. We are able to clean pipes ranging from 100mm to over 2400mm. Our specialized sewer cleaning machines are able to release water pressure of approximately 75 gallons per minute into the manhole. The water begins to flush out all the debris lodged in the pipe then the air vacuuming system will draw all of the dislodged debris into a large debris tank.

Productivity is increased with Sewer Technologies combination cleaning and flushing truck, as larger debris and water tanks mean less time filling and dumping and more time cleaning the sewers.

Our crews are equipped with all of the specific cleaning nozzles, hydraulic reamers and milling cutters required to remove any foreign object including debris, gravel, roots, calcite, concrete, solidified asphalt, and other objects.

Learn about Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless Repairs

sam-working Trenchless or No Dig repairs are a less costly and green alternative to traditional dig and replace methods of pipe repair. Without the need for excavation, significant time is saved on digging and restoring trenches since most repairs can be completed within the matter of hours.

These processes also save time and costs in in site restoration, disposal storage and the traffic control associated with dig and replace methods. This also means less disruptions to residents and clients. Those who are dependent on the pipes in the repair locations won’t have to relocate or haul water manually for extended periods of time.

Learn about Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole Rehabilitation

Manholes and other underground structures commonly account for approximately 25-30% of infiltration and up to 70% of inflow in sanitary sewer collection systems. The deterioration of these manholes can cause sewer overflows and endanger the surface above and the nearby environment.

Manhole rehabilitation solutions can cut back on the costs associated with infiltration. These problems can be overcome by the use of carefully placed flexible chemical grout. Manhole sealing is very effective where pipelines and manholes exist in a high grounds water table conditions. High quantities of ground water infiltrate manholes and this can increase the hydraulic load on the pipeline and this in turn can lead to sewer overflows, overloading of pumping stations and sewage treatment works.

Our trained technicians will drill holes within the manhole and utilize a specialized pump to inject grout behind the structure. When the chemical grout comes into contact with the catalyst (water) the chemical grout gells creating a waterproof, flexible seal.

After the injection has taken place the chemical grout will foam, expand and fill the void forming a tight, impermeable elastomeric seal, stopping the water flow (infiltration). Because the grout is on the outside of the manhole it cannot be pushed back into the sewer system.

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Sewer Technologies Inc. is headquartered Port Perry, Ontario Canada. Founded in 2002, our management team brings over 75 years of experience in Trenchless Technologies.

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