Sewer Technologies Inc. is a recognized leader in sewer cleaning and inspection as well as trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

Since our inception in 2002 we have successfully completed projects for a large number of municipalities, construction, and engineering companies throughout Ontario and Canada. Projects range from small residential jobs to large multi-year municipal contracts. Our staff regularly attends industry training, trade shows and conferences throughout North America and consistently updates our equipment to keep up with technological advances. Sewer Technologies Inc. also provides training and guidance to other contractors that we have partnered with on large municipal contracts.

Management Team

Chris Manners

Director- Trenchless Rehabilitation

Chris has an advanced technical background in trenchless sewer rehabilitation. He has taken on the role of project management. In addition, Chris plays a huge role in the direction and interests of Sewer Technologies Inc.

Mark Lanegger

General Manager

Mark oversees the day-to day operations of the corporate head office with an emphasis on financial and operations management as well as business development. His duties also include the management of the fiscal responsibility of the company and to ensure due diligence of financial best practices are followed within the corporation.

James Hunter

Project Manager/Site Supervisor

James is technically trained in all areas and is currently responsible for overseeing our large tender projects to ensure that they run efficiently. James is focused on all aspects of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation however his expertise stems from the installation of thousands of drain liners using CIPP technology in cities and towns throughout Canada over the past 15 years.

Jason Sider

Estimator/Project Manager

Jason is responsible for working with our clients to assist them in determining their project requirements, ensuring that the right technology is utilized for each job and the most cost effective solution is selected. Jason has years of hands on technical experience with numerous sewer rehabilitation contracts throughout Ontario.

Torrie Devison

Operations Supervisor

Torrie plays a key role in ensuring efficient operations within the corporation. Her duties include Project Coordination, Health & Safety, and Operations Management. Torrie is also proficient in the WinCan Pipe Inspection software and is involved in the project management of all tenders to maintain organization.